Prepare your staff to survive the financial aid wilderness!

“Don’t just survive, thrive in the financial aid wilderness!”

When:  November 6th – 8th Where:  Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine, TX

Attention all Financial Aid Directors, V.P.’s and everyone else tasked with managing precious training and travel budgets! If you have new financial aid staff and are not planning to send them to SWASFAA Boot Camp, I would like to offer a few things to consider.

What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.” Zig Ziglar, success speaker

If your office experiences a lot of turnover in newly hired staff, it can seem risky to invest in off-site training for a new team member before you know if they are in it for the long haul. But, perhaps investing in robust training early on could prevent some of that turnover. A well-trained employee is likely a happier and more effective employee, because they have the tools they need to be successful. Not investing in professional development for new staff sends a message that their role isn’t important enough to warrant that kind of investment. I personally can’t think of any role in the financial aid office that is “unimportant”.

Another benefit of investing in robust training for new staff is realized when vacancies occur in higher level positions. If you have been investing in training for your staff since they were first hired, you will have a greater pool of capable and prepared candidates to move in those vacant positions. They will have a solid financial aid knowledge that can transfer in to many new roles without requiring additional time to catch up on training and acquire skills.

Maybe you have an internal training program and struggle to justify the additional expenditure to send new staff to a training like SWASFAA Boot Camp. In my experience, new staff who complete our internal training program and then attend SWASFAA Boot Camp find their newfound financial aid knowledge truly solidified in a way they would not experience if they were trained within our office alone. Exposure to colleagues from other schools who share all of the various methods and practices with which we comply with the same regulations and accomplish the same goals is truly priceless. Trainings like SWASFAA Boot Camp allow financial aid professionals to see the “big picture” and understand the “why” behind the “how”.

The Boot Camp committee is made up of seasoned financial aid professionals, all of whom will have earned NASFAA credentials in the subjects they are presenting. We are excited to welcome your new staff in to the world of financial aid and equip them for a long and successful career!

Early bird registration for SWASFAA Boot Camp ends October 25th. Visit the SWASFAA Conference site for more details.