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Legislative Issues

Be involved.

As a professional, you need to know the current and pending legislation affecting our field. Your understanding and review of these items will make the difference in your effectiveness to counsel students, parents, your staff and administration. It takes time, but it is time you cannot afford to neglect.

Be a voice.

You may feel one opinion does not matter. Yet even a still small voice is very powerful. If the message is important, one speaker will find many listeners. Study the issues, realize their consequences and share your opinion. Only with your voice, whether spoken or written, will your opinion matter.

Make a difference.

A knowledgeable voice makes a difference. Our legislators, national, state and local, want to do the right thing. When you let them know what that is, you make a difference. Try, be persistent and be vocal. Things can change, but will not without professionals like you getting involved.



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