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By Sherry Foster, SWASFAA President 2005

Sherry Foster, 2005 Swasfaa President and
Rick Renshaw, 2006 Swasfaa President

2005 – What a year! No one can describe to you what a challenge it is being President of SWASFAA... but no one can tell you how rewarding it is either.

To recap 2005 is almost impossible. So many great things happened and so many people were involved, I don’t want to overlook anyone. Committee Chairs hit the ground running, preparations were being made for the annual election, and the awards committee was pulling things together, as well as the archives committee. The electronic iniatives committee was constantly working to keep the website up to date, the finance committee began looking at improving our investment strategies to make our association sounder financially, site selection was constantly busy looking into future sites for future conferences, as well as working with the committees to set up committee meetings.

The first major event was our Mid Level Workshop, which is a joint effort each year with SASFAA. We stepped out of our previous locale of a school setting into a hotel setting. This proved to be well accepted by those who attended the workshop, and everyone enjoyed the efforts of the Continuing Education Committee for a great workshop.

We also began the draft stages of the application for our Professional Development Scholarship. This scholarship will be used annually to assist the membership who would otherwise be unable to attend SWASFAA activities. (More to come on this item in the near future.)

Another event that SWASFAA sponsors annually is the NASFAA Decentralized Training. This is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of organization—SWASFAA sends individuals to Washington DC to receive whatever training is required to present this information to the membership. NASFAA provides the material and training, SWASFAA provides the trainers. These trainers then move around the region, presenting the information to us, as the membership! This is a tremendous undertaking, and my thanks go out to those individuals who volunteered this year and did such an outstanding job.

The last event of the year is the annual conference. And what a conference!!! The conference committee, local arrangements committee, boot camp committee, and corporate sponsorship committee worked the entire year preparing for this event. I have never seen committees work so well together, and as a result, in my prejudiced opinion, produce one of the best conferences ever!!!!! Thank you to all of you for working so tirelessly on this event.

In my year, I saw what true friendship is all about. We came together, not only as colleagues and professionals, but also as friends to aid those affected by the hurricanes. I saw us laugh together and cry together. I saw us embrace each other and feel so blessed that we were able to be together one more time. So, if I could sum up the whole year, it would be to say “Thank You” to all of you who are what makes SWASFAA what it is and will continue to be—the greatest financial aid association ever.


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