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2017 Conference Registration

           Full Conference Registration Fees:          
           SWASFAA Member Early Bird Conference Registration - $275
           SWASFAA Non-Member Early Bird Conference Registration- $375

           Single Day Conference Registration Fees (Thursday Only):
           SWASFAA Member Early Bird One Day Fee - $200
           SWASFAA Non-Member Early Bird Conference Registration- $300

           Boot Camp Registration
           SWASFAA Members - $275
           Non-SWASFAA members - Contact for more information on registering.

           Mid-Level Training - NASFAA Credentials - $75 (SWASFAA members only)

SWASFAA membership must be current to register for Boot Camp or Mid-Level Training. If it is not current, that item will be removed from your registration. Check your membership status here.

If you are not a current member, and are registering for the conference, a $100 non-member fee will be added to your registration.

All registration forms must be received by October 25, 2017 to take advantage of the early bird rate. After that date, a $50 late registration fee will be charged for the Conference and Boot Camp. The last day to register for the Mid-Level Training: NASFAA Credentials is October 25, 2017.

NOTE: If you pre-register and cannot attend the conference, you must cancel below in order to obtain a refund. The date of cancellation shall be the date the request is submitted, post-marked or faxed to the SWASFAA Treasurer.

Cancellation Fee Schedule: $25 through October 25; $50 after October 25

For more information contact:

Harold Whitis, Conference Chair – (210) 485-0605 email:
Danchees Ingram, Local Arrangements Chair – (817) 515-6330 email:
Sarah Webb, Boot Camp Chair– (210) 458-7295 email:
Brent Small, Mid-Level- NASFAA Credential Opportunity – (918) 561-8278 email: 
Craig Poleman, Corporate Sponsorship Chair- (318) 469-5802 email: 

Registration Instructions:
  • Conference Registration requires SWASFAA membership application prior to registering, to register for Boot Camp or Mid-Level Training.
  • To register for Boot Camp as a non-member, please email, Boot Camp Chair.
  • This is a multi-part registration and is not complete until you reach the final invoice page.
  • Cancel Registration
    Cancelling a Registration? Select "Cancel Registration" and enter your Username and Password. Your registration will be deleted from the records and cannot be recovered.
    Cancellation Fee Schedule: $25 - Through October 25; $50 - after October 25.

  • Need help? Contact
DO NOT use your username and password to register someone else!
This will not only erase your registration, but it will also delete you from the SWASFAA database. If the person you are registering is in the database, please request their username and password. Otherwise, register them as a new person so they can be assigned a unique username and password of their own.

2017 Conference Registration - Part 1
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