Boot Camp and geocaching

My first visit to Oklahoma was in May when the Boot Camp and Conference Committees had our site visit at the beautiful Skirvin Hilton Hotel. Since I wasn’t that far and the price seemed better, I opted to drive.  My trip through the eastern portion of Oklahoma was a lovely one.  As some of you may have read on my BC biography, I love to geocache.  Since it was so pretty, I decided to stop off at a hiking trail at Lake Eufaula State Park to grab my “cache” (and my OK badge for caching in the state!).  I do wish though I’d understood that you really need to plan your pit stops on that particular drive…all other drivers be warned J  I also really liked the downtown area of OKC.  We all enjoyed the walk to the bar and grill where we had dinner.

While visiting the state or checking out beautiful downtown Oklahoma City may not be your first choice as to why you want to attend SWASFAA Boot Camp, let me see if I can give you some other reasons to attend whether you are new to Financial Aid or an “old pro”.

SWASFAA Boot Camp will be offering an intensive training for 2 ½ days that covers the basics of Financial Aid from how to apply to how to return it. You will also have the opportunity to test in 11 NASFAA Topics.  If you want to talk about a huge bang for your buck, this is it!   Each NASFAA Study Guide and test would cost approximately $299 apiece.  That would be a total of $3289.   If you look at the total cost to attend SWASFAA BC, usually the entire trip would cost much less than that!  Even if you didn’t want to test, the NASFAA Self Study Guides you’ll receive are a very in-depth learning tool any Financial Aid Professional can use.  I’ve learned something with each study guide and test, and I’ve been in Financial Aid for 9 years.  Plus you will get the added bonus of best practices from different schools, networking with other schools, and examples from the presenters.

I hope that you will take this opportunity and that I’ll see you there. I can’t brag enough on the other ladies on this committee that will be presenting.  They are each an expert in their field and just a heck of a lot of fun!  So sign up now for SWASFAA Boot Camp, and enjoy the company, cost savings, and sites.

Jennifer Williams

Boot Camp Comittee

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  1. Who knew one needed a badge to geocache in OK! Your trip sounded like quite the adventure, Jennifer. Wow,$3289 for 11 topics! What a great financial savings by attending SWASFAA bootcamp.

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